+ How far are you from the nearest airport?

We are an hour and a half north of the San Jose del Cabo airport and and one hour south of the La Paz airport.

+ How far are you from the Ocean really?

We are literally 50 yards from the Ocean’s edge, with a gorgeous white sand beach for the whole family to enjoy.

+ Do I need to rent a car and if so are there car rental agencies at the airport?

We recommend that you do rent a car. We are approximately 2 miles down a dirt road to the beach off the highway. We are 5 miles from Todos Santos and 3 miles from Pescadero. This is a somewhat rural area and would be hard to get around without a car. Yes there are a number of different car rental agencies to choose from at each airport.

+ Can we surf there?

Absolutely!!! San Pedrito is a famous world class surf break. Surfers come here from all over the world to surf. And if you stay here at Las Palmas Tropicales, it is literally your front yard. We are the closest rentals to the break. Los Cerritos is another great surf break just a 10 minute drive over the mountain.

+ Can we rent surf boards there?

We do rent some surfboards here at Las Palmas but if we do not have what you’re looking for we will put you in contact with Mario‘s Surf school who has a large selection to choose from.

+ Do we need wetsuits?

Beginning in November you would probably need at least a shorty or sleeves until around January, you will usually need a full suit.

+ Is the beach swimmer friendly?

Yes the beach is swimmable but keep in mind this is the Pacific ocean and a well known surf break so you need to exercise caution when the swells are here. Los Cerritos is swimmer friendly also but the same caution applies.

+ Will I need electrical adaptors?

No, we are on the same system as the US. However, occasionally we may have a power surge so if you have computers, Ipods, or other electrical devices you may want to brink your own surge protector. We cannot be reliable for damages to your personal items due to electrical surges.

+ Do you have internet service?

Yes and it is FREE!!!!

+ Can I use credit cards in town and are there ATM machines available?

Some places do take credit cards. There are 2 different banks in town both with ATM machines. The Hotel California also has an ATM machine. Most places also take american dollars as well as the peso. You will not get a good rate for your dollar so it is better to exchange your money at the bank for pesos. But remember, you have to bring your passport when exchanging money at the bank.

+ How far are you from Todos Santos?

We are 2 miles off the highway on the dirt road to the beach and then another 5 miles to Todos Santos. We are also 3 miles to the small town of Pescadero. In Pescadero there are a few small local markets to buy supplies. A few taco stands and the local sports bar is called The Sandbar where you can enjoy all your sports games, live music on the weekends and weekly dinner specials.

+ Are bathrooms private in each casita?

Absolutely, unlike some other rentals in the area, ALL of our casitas have private bathrooms.

+ What is your payment-cancellation policy?

Click to Read Our Cancelation Policy

+ If I am renting a casita with a kitchen, where is the best place for me to stop to buy groceries?

As your drive along the corridor towards Cabo San Lucas you will pass a Costco on your right hand side of the road. You will also pass a Sams club and Wal Mart. Then as you are leaving Cabo there is a large grocery store called Chedraui. I have photos of the major intersections you will pass along the way listed on my directions page. The Chedraui grocery store carries a lot of american products and will usually have just about everything you are looking for. Keep in mind we also have BBQ grilling areas on the property so don’t forget to buy charcoal and lighter fluid.? They have a pretty good wine selection also. Another option is the new Mega store directly across the street from Chedraui. They also have a small organic selection.


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