A place to unwind.


Las Palmas Tropicales is a family owned and operated vacation destination in Pescadero. Our dream came from wanting to fulfill a need for those who wanted to visit REAL BAJA. Not the Baja filled with night clubs, celebrities and tourist traps, but the Baja where you can reconnect to nature, family, and the important things that make life so magical.

So we built our home and our business in Pescadero, the perfect blend of sea, desert and old world Mexico. We found something authentic here, something that can't be replicated or replaced and it became our mission to share that experience.. 

At Las Palmas Tropicales we believe there's a sweet spot between home and vacation. We want our guest to feel comfortable and at ease every time they return, like they're part of the family. At the same time we've put special attention into every detail of your stay so you can truly unwind.

On behalf of our family, we welcome you to paradise and to your new home away from home.